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NSSLGlobal supports Antarctic world record attempt

22nd Nov 2017


At this moment in time, Lieutenant Scott Sears of the First Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles is attempting to break the record for the youngest person ever to reach the South Pole completely alone, unassisted and unsupported in an effort to raise £25,000 for the Gurkha Welfare Trust. The money raised will go towards funding residential care, clean water, medical services, and financial aid for Gurkha veterans and their families.

While for a good cause, Scott’s journey to the South Pole is going to be gruelling, and the potential for danger should not be underestimated. From negotiating hidden crevasses without a harness to braving temperatures that reach -50°C, and resisting a freezing wind that can cause whiteouts lasting weeks, Scott needs to ensure that his safety isn’t compromised during the expedition.  

Here’s where NSSLGlobal stepped in. As a leading satellite communications provider, NSSLGlobal was selected to supply Scott with an Iridium GO! (complete with airtime and data) for his journey, to help him to stay connected to the wider world in even the harshest of weather conditions.


Compact enough to fit into Scott’s pocket, the Iridium Go! creates a reliable global connection for voice and data communications on a smart device. The device dramatically extends the capabilities of any smartphone, laptop or tablet by creating a satellite-backed Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere on the planet. It is also designed to survive rough use and elemental damage, and is purpose-built to accommodate the adverse conditions Scott will face on his journey. The Iridium GO! is perfect for ensuring that Scott remains safely in contact both with the emergency services, and his family and friends supporting at home. Also featured on the Iridium GO! device is a programmable SOS button which will send an emergency message with the users location to a designated contact.

Scott comments: “I’m very grateful to NSSLGlobal for its support. The Iridium GO! will be an invaluable piece of equipment on my journey and could potentially be the lifeline I need in such a dangerous environment.”

“This expedition will be the realisation of a childhood dream, so I’m hugely excited that companies like NSSLGlobal can see the value of supporting the work of the Gurkha Welfare Trust.”


NSSLGlobal is proud to have developed a strong partnership with explorers over the world who trust in our technological expertise. Earlier this year, NSSLGlobal supported Jeremy Tong in his attempt to scale Mount Everest. We provided him with an Inmarsat IsatPhone2, to allow him to remain in contact with both his family as well as the emergency services. We also supported members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines with satcoms equipment in their Antarctic Endurance challenge in 2016. Such impressive trailblazing efforts are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the exceptional qualities of NSSLGlobal’s technology, and to raise awareness of the humanitarian causes that such admirable adventurers have set out to support.

NSSLGlobal is thrilled to be supporting Scott as a continuation of this, and wish him all the best on his journey. If you would like to support Scott and the Gurkha Welfare Trust, you can do so by visiting the link here: http://antarcticgurkha.com/donate/. You can also follow his journey at www.twitter.com/AntarcticGurkha 


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