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NSSLGlobal provides communications support to Five Peaks Challenge for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers

27th Oct 2017


NSSLGlobal has been extremely proud to have recently leant its support to an extremely worthwhile charitable cause, the Five Peaks Challenge in support of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) suferers within the armed forces.


On 21st July 2017 two Royal Marines, Daz Davis and Richard Steven, (both of whom sufer from PTSD from active military service abroad), led a team of seven veterans on a mission to climb each of the tallest mountains in all five countries of the UK and Ireland, the ‘Five Peaks Challenge’. Not only did the team challenge themselves to climb a total of 17,367 feet, (travelling a distance of around 2,000 miles between the peaks by Smartcar), but they committed to doing it within 48 hours!

The principle purpose of this ambitious challenge was to draw attention to issues of PTSD amongst soldiers. Often seen by soldiers as a form of mental ‘weakness’, PTSD often has a hugely destructive effect on soldiers’ lives. Having witnessed traumatic fighting and terrible injuries, many soldiers continue to suffer from detrimental after-effects that can have seriously adverse effects on their home and work lives.

As well as raising money for the cause, this challenge was beneficial for Daz, Richard, and the seven additional veterans that took part. The combination of military banter, the requirement for a close-knit team, and the need to deal with unexpected challenges throughout during a hecticly-paced schedule of travel offered the team a feeling of cameraderie, teamwork and pride in overcoming such an astonishing challenge.

NSSLGlobal’s contribution was to provide connectivity via an Addvalue Wideye iSavi satellite terminal from Inmarsat (pictured). This super-compact satellite terminal allowed the group to connect their devices to a satellite connection via Wi-Fi, allowing them to provide constant updates en-route via text and social media updates. The team also brought its own Iridium 9555, in order to be able to place emergency voice calls in areas without standard mobile reception (such as a mountain). NSSLGlobal provided them with free SIMs to enable this.

The team managed to complete their challenge with just eleven minutes to spare, having hiked around 47 miles by foot in addition to the great distance travelled by car, with no major incidents. The group now intends to return to the challenge to act as support crews and leaders for subsequent teams undertaking the Five Peaks challenge.

Daz comments: “As someone suffering with PTSD, these events and challenges are an integral part of my recovery process. I hope in the future companies will continue to support such a great charity, without their help this would not be possible.”

You can read more about the team’s challenge in the recent article on Outdoorsradar.

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