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NSSLGlobal provides crucial comms lifeline to Singaporean cancer fundraiser as he attempts to conquer Everest

22nd Mar 2017

By: Wildfire PR

In May, Singaporean climber Jeremy Tong will embark on a journey to the summit of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, to raise money and awareness for the Singapore Cancer Society. Jeremy has been climbing mountains around the world for the past 13 years and is the first Singaporean to scale two 7000m peaks in Central Asia. This time though, he will be the first Singaporean to attempt to climb the almighty Everest for a cancer charity, at 8848m from Nepal-side.


As with any high-altitude climb, there are huge safety risks, be it falling rocks, open crevasses, altitude sickness or arduous weather conditions but Everest is especially notorious. Permits to climb Everest are only given to those who can prove they’ve previously scaled mountains that are higher than 6,500 metres, highlighting the true extent of the danger. 

To ensure his safety isn’t compromised during the two-month expedition, Jeremy contacted NSSLGlobal in an attempt to loan a robust satellite phone that he could use during the expedition. For such a great cause and personal challenge we were only too pleased to help and have agreed to supply Jeremy with an Inmarsat IsatPhone2 (with $500 of talk time), which will give him the security of reliable emergency communications, should he need it, as well as the ability to keep supporters, friends and family up to date on his progress. 

It goes without saying that without the IsatPhone2, Jeremy’s safety and well-being would be compromised. The device is well-suited to the conditions he will face during his trek, both in terms of design and capability. It is resistant to dust, water and shock and its antenna is always connected (even when not fully deployed) to ensure that Jeremy never misses a call. IsatPhone2 also comes equipped with an assistance button for emergency situations, meaning Jeremy, at the touch of a button, can send a predefined message and his GPS location to an allocated number. The device also offers an emergency tracking service.


Jeremy comments: “My mission to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, symbolises the will to fight, to not give up and to ultimately grab all of life's wonderful opportunities. I hope to represent this fight in all cancer patients in Singapore by embarking on this ultimate journey to the top of the world. This, of course, wouldn’t be possible without my programme sponsors, including NSSLGlobal, who I am extremely thankful for. With safety being the biggest concern during such expeditions, NSSLGlobal has provided me with the safety net that I need to help make this journey as smooth as possible.”  


This is not the first time NSSLGlobal has offered its support to an expedition. Last year, NSSLGlobal provided a range of satellite and airtime equipment to eleven members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines as they embarked on a six-week sailing and mountaineering expedition to the Antarctic and South Georgia.


NSSLGlobal wishes Jeremy all the best on his journey and having donated $2500, we also urge you to support him to help reach his target of $20,000 for the Singapore Cancer Society. Your donation will help fund treatments and support the rehabilitation of cancer patients and survivors: https://give.asia/movement/everest_for_cancer_2017

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